Outlook for Friday

18 JULY 2013

Friday is upon us. Where are people going?

Obviously Hall H is the magical hall of wonder today, with Veronica Mars at 11:15, Kick Ass 2 at 12:15, The Walking Dead at 1:35 and Game of Thrones at 2:50, followed by Sony and Screen Gems (Robocop, Spider-man 2) at 4:05 and then Metallica and their secret concert reveal at 6:30.

Ballroom 20 is iffier but still appealing. The Big Bang Writer's Room is at 10, The Legend of Korra at 11:15, Bones at 12:30, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD at 1:45, The Following at 3:15, Almost Human's pilot at 4, TV Guide Fan Favorites at 5:15, Dark Horse: Joss Whedon at 6:15, and World Premier of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox at 7:30 and then again at 9:30.

I bet a lot of people will head over to the Indigo Ballroom for a day of animation instead. Cartoon Network: Regular Show kicks it off at 10, followed by Adventure Time at 11, and then Adult Swim: Venture Bros at 12:15, Children's Hospital at 1,NTSF:SD:SUV at 1:45, Eric Andre Show at 2:30, Robot Chicken at 3:15, Bob's Burgers at 4 and finally Archer at 5 and the Eisners that night. I'm supposed to go to Coronado tomorrow night, but I might try to get into Archer first.

I honestly can't tell if Defiance and Helix are genuinely loved and anticipated, or just the well-hyped marketing products of Syfy's grim determination. I noted that the Syfy cafe is now the Defiance cafe, and Helix is obviously getting a major push. But I never hear anyone mention them. You can see them both in 6A at 10:30 and 11:45.

Today's X Files panel didn't exactly ignite fireworks, but I bet plenty of people will turn out for the X-Files Comic Book Panel from 1:45-2:45 to see the sublime Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter.

THIS I have heard people get excited about: the Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag business, both on their ship and with Darby McDevittBrenden Fletcher, and Todd McFarlane in 6BCF at 2.

Maybe it's because I know a ton of writers, but I think these will be fairly packed: From Idea to Buzz: The Team Behind a Literary Blockbuster at 2 in 23ABC and Ask An Agent! at 3:30 in room 8. And on that note, I've heard reports that today's creative panels were stellar, both in advice and networking. 

I know a lot of people who want to do this one: The Thrilling Adventure Hour (TAH) at 4 in 32AB.
And this: The Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Squad  in 5AB at 4:45. I must be losing my zeitgeisty touch, because I've never heard of this and yet everyone else seems to know it.

Orphan Black - I'd barely heard of this show 9 days ago and now everyone is talking about it like it's the next big thing. At 7:00 in 7AB. I have enough faith in this show's breed of buzz that I would recommend going if you've nothing else to do.

What does your Friday hold?


  1. Where do you go to line up for ballroom 20 before the exhibit hall opens?

    1. It depends on when you arrive. Right now the nighttime line has been moved and the first batch is probably about to go into the room - maybe you're already there. But if you've yet to line up, just go to the front of the convention center and ask where the Ballroom 20 line is.