Friday's Hall H line

18 JULY 2013

So right now - 11:14 pm PST  - the line in the Hall H area has filled up all but one of the tents. I'm assuming this is the Hall H line for tomorrow, which we knew would be a thing - tomorrow brings us Veronica Mars, GOT, Walking Dead, Spider-Man 2, Robocop, Metallica and others, after all.

However, it's worth noting that last night's line was just a tiny stretch of a few dozen Hall H'ers in one tent, and then a combined line for everyone else. Which could be the case with this line, but I noticed these people had chairs and blankets, which generally is the mark of a prepared Hall H camper - other people tend to just sprawl out on the grass and use their backpack as a pillow.

The campers out there right now could be just the few hardcore ones and everyone else can wait until daybreak. But if you want to get a decent seat in Hall H Friday, I would get out there while it's still dark.

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  1. Was Morbius at the Sony panel today for Spidey?