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19 JULY 2013

You can see the first episode of Season 8 Dexter on YouTube - an edited version, natch. 

Divergent got a mixed reception. I think people would be more receptive to this movie if everyone stopped hyping it as the next Twilight. People I know who've actually read the books love them; the studio needs to let the interest grow more organically.

Speaking of organic interest, I can't stand the way publicists are supplying panel attendees with specific hashtags and shrilly urging us to start tweeting right now. It's so undignified.

Bobby's back for Supernatural Season 9!

The Godzilla encounter is at 7th and J streets, is free, and is an interactive experience where you view old footage, eat free sushi and ramen noodles, see Godzilla lumber past, etc. So far the lines haven't been too bad.

One thing I hate is when panels don't actually deliver concrete news. Tell me if Black Cat is going to be in the next Spider-Man movie. Tell me if there's actually going to be another X-Files movie. Don't be coy - we all could have stayed home for that. I understand studios don't want to give away all their secrets but fans live for those kind of reveals, and it's a big reason people wait in line to see these panels.

If you're curious how Sherlock survived his fake suicide fall, you can look for clues in season 2 - but the panel DID NOT reveal this, no matter how how many headlines you see that say it did. It joked about it with stuffed monkeys, that's it.

As far as the pilots - I didn't see these, but I'm hearing that the best one was Almost Human, The Tomorrow People was allegedly meh, the 100 was predictable and the Originals was so-so but will still please Vampire Diaries fans. In any case, if you want to catch these again, today you can see The 100 in 6BCF at 12:45 and Almost Human at 4 in Ballroom 20; Saturday brings you The Originals in the Indigo Ballroom at 1 and The Tomorrow People in 6BCF at 5:55.

The curtain of mystery over Zero Theorem has been pulled back a bit.

And now for the rainbow of visuals that is Comic Con:

The Exhibit Hall
this year's cosplay 

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