Phoenix Comic Con is this weekend

23 MAY 2012

And today is the last day you can buy discounted passes online.

The popular line on Phoenix Comic Con is that it's what San Diego used to be. Possibly that's true, but it would have to be a reference to the 90's or earlier, because San Diego was way bigger than this when I began visiting at the turn of the century. (Although the badge price was about the same.) Still, Phoenix Comic Con is fun enough, especially if you actually live in Phoenix and can't find anything else to do on Memorial Day Weekend.

The main difference is that it only nominally revolves around comics. I know, San Diego doesn't either at this point, but Phoenix Comic Con has panels on things like ghost-hunting, robots and apocalypse survival, and events like psychobilly shows, a zombie beauty pageant, a steampunk ball and geek speed dating. But they have upgraded their celebrity power this year, with guests like Colin Ferguson, Jon Bernthal, Patrick Stewart and William Shatner, which already seem to be drawing a crowd.

It's about $40 for a four-day badge if you register today, then $45 at the door, and it's happening in downtown Phoenix.

Phoenix Comic Con

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