No onsite pre-registration for 2013

24 MAY 2012

To be perfectly clear, that means there won't be any onsite pre-registration this summer for the 2013 Con.

I haven't seen the news on the CCI site, but it was in that survey email we all (or most of us) got. Instead 2012 attendees will get a special chance to buy online before the masses.

I'm sure some people are outraged by this, but I think it's a good thing. Last summer's overnight-but-still-hopeless lines for pre-reg were madness, and this will allow everyone to actually enjoy the Con they're at. This won't, of course, solve the basic registration conundrum of too many people and not enough space, and it does move Con attendance further into the lottery realm. But it removes one of the elements that's gone wildly out of control in recent years. Hopefully they revolutionize the badge pick-up process next.

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