5000 single day badges for sale

22 MAY 2012

If you didn't receive an email on badge resales, listen up. 5000 single day badges are going up for sale in June. If you'd like to be in the running, you must:

1. Make sure you have a Member ID - I know, it seems incredible that anyone does NOT have one by this point, but anyhow. You have until 5:30 PST on Thurday, 24 May, to register for one.

2. Watch for the resale date - no, they haven't released it yet. Once again, if you have a 4-day badge or a Saturday badge, you cannot participate in the resale.

CCI said that so few 4-day badges were returned (shocking) that they split up the few they did receive into single day badges. Which means, of course, that 5000 single day badges will be allocated among a much smaller group of people since most attendees will probably be buying more than one day.

CCI also included these apologetic words - maybe I'm the only one who found this humorous: "We have struggled with how to offer our returned badges for sale this year. Because of time constraints our choices were to not have a resale this year or use the online system we have in place. We know there are a lot of you counting on the resale to attend Comic-Con so we have decided to have a resale and to use the system we currently have in place... It is important to remember that while great efforts have been taken for the badge resale to proceed smoothly, it is probable that the number of people attempting to purchase a badge, or technical issues, could have a negative impact on the process and your ability to get a badge for Comic-Con 2012."

In other words, expect snafus and a stampede. Even though they have "struggled." I also love the mention of "time constraints," as if the existence of a 2012 San Diego Comic Con came as such a last minute surprise!
They said this is the final sale, which begs the question of whether the usual July Badge&Hotel packages will still be sold off.  Their exhausted tone seems to indicate that they can't be bothered with organizing those packages, so that may not be a viable strategy this summer. Time will tell.


  1. This is stupid that people who have saturaday badges cannot do the resale. I only had enough for that day and I was hoping to buy another. I saved for nothing:(

  2. The theory is that if you were able to buy a Saturday badge, you had the option to buy the other days and didn't. (this is based on Saturday selling out first.)

    But I agree, it is stupid. I've heard a lot of complaints from families and groups who want to attend together but wound up getting badges on different days - some of those Saturday people wanted to match days with their friends but still won't have the option. (Though their friends can hopefully match their days.)