Member ID FAQ

9 JANUARY 2012

More detail is posted on the CCI site but I'll summarize here if you don't feel like reading it.

~ Registering for a Member ID and buying a Comic Con pass are two separate events. First you register for the Member ID (allegedly sometime this month - the date hasn't been announced.) Later there will be the official registration day for buying badges.

~ There is no limit to the number of Member IDs that can be assigned. You don't need to panic about jamming the system and beating everyone else to register.

~ Which means that while you must register for a Member ID to buy a badge, having a Member ID does not guarantee you a badge. It does not cut down on the competition to attend Comic Con in any way. 

~ Only one badge will be sold per Member ID. Each Member ID must have a unique email address. The exception is children under 12.

~ Once you have your Member ID, it's yours for each consecutive year. You won't need to apply for a new Member ID each year.

~ Everyone must apply for a Member ID - press, volunteers, exhibitors, attendees. 

~ Everyone who pre-registered on site last summer already has a Member ID.

I wouldn't mind all this Member ID nonsense so much if I was hearing about other solutions CCI has come up with to control the chaos that is Registration Day. Last year so many people tried to register online that the system crashed and Registration Day had to be rescheduled multiple times. Having an extra number to type in won't influence that in the slightest, so what I want to hear is that CCI has hired a better vendor or implemented better bandwidth. That is the real issue here, not scalpers. 

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