Press badges, Exhibitor applications, IFF and Spirit of Comics Retailer awards

6 JANUARY 2012

Registration isn't quite here yet, but a few other application-type things may need your attention.

1. Nominate your favorite comic book store for the 2012 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer award. The winner will be announced at the Eisners on Friday, July 13. Note: previous winners can't be nominated, if that saves you any time.

2. The deadline for the CCI International Independent Film Festival (IFF) is 1 February, which is fast approaching. Enter here. I don't know if this has gotten larger in recent years, or if I'm simply traveling in different circles, but last summer every third person I met seemed to have a film in the IFF.

3. I'm guessing that by now, most exhibitors have already applied - but if you haven't, do that now. If you're interested but feel you're too low-profile to merit a booth, investigate anyhow. CCI is pretty good about making different space options available for exhibitors at all levels of operation.

4. If you're interested in attending Comic Con as press, you'd best be lining up your assignment now. I'm referring mainly to my freelance brethren here, not affiliated journalists. The technical deadline for applications is May 29 but you should ignore that and try to get your press credentials locked down now. Because this is a common scenario: you pitch the idea to "cover" Comic Con in a whimsical, offbeat story, the editor says great idea! and then somehow it all falls apart one week after it becomes too late for you to go as a regular attendee.

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