Comic Con Member ID Registration is open

11 JANUARY 2012

You can now register for your Member ID. There's no rush; there's no limit to how many people can sign up for one and you have until 28 February. Of course, we all know there will still be a massive rush to sign up because this is Comic Con and panic is in our blood, but there's no cause for anxiety at this point. Save that for Registration Day and Hotel Day.

To be very clear, registration for attendance itself is NOT OPEN. I've seen this shouted excitedly all over the web and it's just not true. You cannot register for a badge today. When can you? That I don't know, given the incredibly late date of 28 February for the Member ID deadline; that puts the badge sales after that, which puts Hotel Day even later. Maybe this is all part of CCI's grand plan. I just don't know.

One good thing will come out of this Member ID registration, and that's the empirical number of people who want to attend Comic Con. It's quite possible we the public will never know that number (though hopefully it will be leaked) but it will tell CCI exactly how many people are going to be flooding the system on Registration Day. Maybe this will help them organize better. Or maybe it will be fodder for moving to Vegas in 4 years.


  1. Can you register for a member id after the badges go on slae?

  2. I doubt there would be much point, given the badges will sell out the day they go on sale.