2012 Registration Update

20 October 2011

Circle this date on your calendar: November 28. Beginning then, you will be able to register for a Member ID that you will later use to purchase a badge. Let me be clear. This November-December period where you can register for a Member ID is not going to allow you to actually buy a badge. This is just the first step toward that future phase. And if you need to buy multiple badges, each person must have their own Member ID, so make sure you prepare for that.

If you're asking how this is an improvement, the theory is that the demand for Comic Con badges is fueled by scalpers. Anyone who's actually stood in line for a popular panel at Comic Con knows this really isn't the full story, that there actually are more fans and geeks desperate to attend than can be accommodated. But I'll withhold (most of) my cynicism and see how it all plays out.

Happy Halloween, all.

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