Update on 2012 registration

1 JANUARY 2012

Happy New Year, all. Let's hope 2012 brings us some good comic books and movies before we're all plunged into oblivion on December 21.

So here's the update on registration. I know it sounds needlessly complicated but this is CCI's idea of fulfilling their "hope to improve the efficiency and speed of the EPIC online registration system." Right. So then, if you didn't already know, you must register for your own personalized "Comic-Con Member ID". This allows you to buy a badge but according to CCI, also so much more:

"Your Comic-Con Member ID will act as your "login" to EPIC online registration during open online registration. Your Comic-Con Member ID will also add you to our verified special member "E-List." All year-round you'll get official updates, important registration announcements, access to early-bird or e-list presales, and other information about attending Comic-Con affiliated conventions and events. You may also receive e-mails from our registration partners regarding Comic-Con registration and from our hotel reservation partners regarding hotel information for Comic-Con conventions and events."

Which sounds very exclusive and advantageous until you realize all 125,000+ people will be getting the same "early" information. Basically, you're subscribing to CCI's email list.

Who needs to register for this Member ID? Everyone. It doesn't matter if you're an exhibitor, an attendee, a volunteer, a journalist or what - you must do this if you hope to pass through the doors of the Convention Center.

When can you register? Sometime this month. That's all the information we've got right now. As always, the best way to stay on top of CCI's spontaneity is to follow them on Twitter. I'll do my best to monitor this and post immediately, but Twitter is going to be faster. I actually despise Twitter myself but just broke down and joined solely to keep on top of this.

I'm interested to hear any talk people have been hearing on plans for this year - among people I know locally, there seems to be a strong bias toward going for just one or two days this summer. Last year's crowds seemed to snap some final vestige of patience in a lot of my friends, but maybe we're all just getting too old and cantankerous to stand in line for a zillion hours. Is Comic Con a young person's game? Possibly.


  1. Do you buy the badge at the same time you register for the ID or is that going to be a separate date.

  2. A separate date. In other words, you now have two online frenzies to endure: registering for your Member ID and then the later actual registration day.

    The idea is that this will cut down on scalpers (since the number of badges each registered Member can buy is limited) but let's be honest - scalpers aren't the main force driving demand.