Save a life at Comic-Con

 4 JULY 2024

Happy Independence Day! While you're feeling the flush of patriotism, consider helping out a fellow American and signing up for the Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive at San Diego Comic-Con. Each pint donated can save 3 lives - and when you consider that American Red Cross declared a national blood shortage last year, you can see what a massive difference SDCC attendees can make.

3 things to know up front:

1) If you donate onsite, it doesn't take long and will not derail your precious Comic-Con time.

2) But you have the option to donate before or after the Con at the San Diego Blood Bank Donation Centers or mobile drives.

2) It's easy to do and you get a cool swag bag and great t-shirt.

How to participate

Schedule an appointment here at whatever time works best for you. You can also go to the Blood Drive booth in the Sails Pavilion. They do take walk-ins but scheduling is more efficient for them and you.

Head over to the Coronado Ballroom at the Hyatt at the scheduled time. 

The whole experience takes less than an hour and you'll receive various freebies and get entered into a range of drawings for daily prizes. I won a book one year; a friend won party tickets.  

Preparing to donate

If you've never donated before, you might envision a Victorian fainting couch as you swoon from blood loss. That actually won't happen - they'll give you refreshments and you won't be tired or feel weak in any way. But if you're anemic, I do recommend taking iron supplements as I've been bounced out of blood drives before over my insufficient levels. 

You can read more details here.

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