Peacock wants us to think about the Roman Empire

 10 JULY 2024


And we have an early contender for best offsite. Thank you, Peacock, for bringing the lush pageantry we used to get – ancient Romans marching through the Gaslamp, a streaming of the Opening Ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, a chariot race. You just know the two panels will (hopefully) include some killer swag!

Here’s how Peacock is answering that timely question: “How much do you think about the Roman Empire?”


You will want to visit Ballroom 20 on Thursday at 1:45 - 4:00 pm. First you’ll get a look at horror series Teacup, about people trying to survive a “mysterious threat” in rural Georgia. Then you’ll peek behind the scenes at Those About to Die, the new gladiator-themed series. 

This series premiers on July 18, so you can choose to watch the whole thing beforehand or go into the panel unexposed.

The Chariot Race

170 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Why are the best offsites set in either futuristic or ancient times? Those About To Die: The Chariot Race – which I did not get tickets to – is an activation open for the entire Con. You will "step inside the betting tavern, join one of the coveted factions and experience the adrenaline thrill of the chariot race itself.” You’ll also get the chance to wield the reins of a chariot yourself. This just begs for ancient Roman emperor cosplay, with maybe some Pompeii victim and visiting Hellenist diplomat thrown in. 

The activation will be open for the full duration of San Diego Comic-Con, Thursday, July 25 - 28.

Reservations are full but there will be a “standby line” as well. I can’t even imagine how long that line will be. Unfortunately, it’s only open to 6:30 pm most days; this is one of those activations where it would be great if they kept it open through 8 pm for people without tickets. A girl can dream. At any rate, Thursday and evenings are your best chances of standby.

The Paris Olympics Opening Livestream

I’m not an Olympics person, but I’m sure some attendees are. They can watch the Opening Ceremony on Friday at 10:30 am on a 20x30 foot livestream. What’s really cool: this all kicks off with an Ancient Roman-dressed band playing Olympic-inspired fanfare tunes as they march through the Gaslamp District. It says they will be “drawing in passersby along the way” which I guess means we can all join in? 

Enjoy your offsite tickets if you have them. I'm jealous.

                                                                From IGN

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