Adult Swim feels comfortingly like old-school SDCC

 10 JULY 2024

If you've logged enough years at San Diego Comic-Con, you're aware of the fluctuating levels of offerings. Basically, SDCC reliably dished up the awesomeness in a nice mix of expected programming and random surprises for many years until the pandemic kicked it in the throat - and since then, the Con has been, well, still highly gratifying for most of us but not quite as rich in panels/guests/etc. The strike hasn't helped. Not their fault, etc.

And we've lost a few cherished elements too - Nerd HQ and Conan were big highlights for many of us. So as we approach this year (which will of course be magnificent no matter what), there is justifiable pondering of what the Con will bring. 

Well, here's a comforting hug of an announcement: Adult Swim will be back on the green space across from the convention center, from 1 pm - 10 pm Thursday-Saturday. Do you not have a badge for Friday or Saturday? Now you have something to do. (No badge required.)

Their party usually consists of games and giveaways in a carnivalesque atmosphere, as well as night events; Friday night, you'll see premieres of full-length episodes of "Common Side Effects," "Rick and Morty: The Anime" and other Adult Swim content. (And if you're reading this to live vicariously through attendees because you're not actually going to the Con - you can catch all of this live on Adult Swim's YouTube channel.) Saturday night brings a live art show and fan Q&A. 

Elsewhere you can take pictures with the Mortymobile while the Rickmobile drives around the Gaslamp and gives out swag. Finally, they have panels in the Indigo Ballroom on Friday and Saturday.

Continuity is always reassuring - and it's great for the Thursday/Sunday crowd to have fun destinations on their free days. But even if you have a jam-packed Con planned, Adult Swim is worth its own place on your dance card.

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