A word on the exclusives portal

 4 JULY 2023

Happy Independence Day! I apologize for being MIA but my last week has been death, food poisoning, and other grisly obligations. 

Things are about to get real this week with the panels being announced. Right now, though, I know many of us are struggling with the exclusives lottery. If you're having trouble with the portal or you're dismayed at what's currently on offer, here's my advice:


There is zero point to committing yourself right away. Last year, if you'll recall, some vendors were added after we allocated our points - and we weren't able to reassign them. That was a bitter pill. Hopefully that won't be the case this year but I wouldn't rush in, just to be safe. The portal is open until 16 July. Wait and see.

I actually got picked for my favorite exclusive last year (alas, for a time slot during my favorite panel) so don't conclude this is hopeless, as many attendees will insist. I know it's difficult, I know the user interface is terrible, and right now the exclusives on offer aren't appetizing or abundant. But more will be added. I think we're all trained to launch into action the nanosecond something goes live, but this is one time when it pays to hang back.

For now, keep checking it out and focus more on the exciting information we're about to get:

  • The Souvenir Book cover. This is always a fun reveal that signals Comic-Con magic is in the air. Last year it was announced the day before the programming went live, which means we might get it tomorrow. Or maybe not.
  • Panel and programming announcements. If you're new - panels and such are announced 2 weeks in advance to the day. Thursday panels will be announced this Thursday, Friday panels on Friday, etc. We'll also officially find out Preview Night pilots and some other stuff. 

After that, we'll get the Exhibit Hall map and other useful information, but I think it's the panels that will really set the tone for how attendees feel about this San Diego Comic-Con. So don't get too frustrated over the exclusives panel - good things are on the way.

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