Inflation doesn't seem to have hit the SDCC Ebay badge sale

 28 JUNE 2023

CCI has released a select number of badges on Ebay - and the bidding is about what you'd expect. Remember that each sale includes 2 Preview Night badges, so paying $1000-1500 per auction really isn't that bad - more than double the normal price, sure, but you're not dealing with some shady reseller or scalper and the proceeds go to a good cause. That good cause being the Comic-Con Museum.

A few facts:

  • You can't win this and then turn in your current badges for a refund.

  • You can win an auction and then assign the badges to whoever you want, as long as they set up a Member ID account. This makes this a nice option for a family where only some siblings got a badge last fall, or someone who has a new girlfriend/boyfriend or parents who'd love to give their kid a killer graduation present. 

  • On that note, you're allowed to win multiple auctions. So if you're untouched by the ravages of inflation and this unfriendly economy - have at it.

We're just a week out from the official schedule posting. Exciting, right? I feel like next week will be the pivotal moment - well, four days - when people decide exactly how they feel about San Diego Comic-Con 2023.

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