So the 2022 SDCC hotel lottery wasn't easier after all

 3 MAY 2022

Just in case we were worried the pandemic changed San Diego Comic-Con forever, the hotel lottery showed us it didn't. Like every other year, today's results brought disappointment and frustration - with a high number of attendees receiving nothing.

I was shocked to get my first choice - Marriott Marquis. In a horrific twist of fate, I was booked to speak at an online conference at the exact moment the hotel sale went live and while I was lucky enough for my session to get picked immediately, I was unable to jump in until about 30 seconds had passed. So I've been kicking myself for the last week, assuming I flubbed it beyond repair. Happy surprise: I didn't.

The rest of my group was not as lucky. They got nothing (so, like everyone else, I am on the hunt for rooms, HINT, HINT) and that seemed to be the story for many people. This despite so much hopeful opining that perhaps the sale would be easier this year, given the decent number of people relinquishing their badges.

Enough complaining. Here's where we are.

If you didn't get an email

Don't give up hope. There's next week's batch of emails still coming. Some (a minority) will have downtown hotels. There's also the waitlist, which can offer surprisingly top-tier hotels. I have gotten Hilton Gaslamp and the Hyatt from the waitlist in previous years.

You'll also occasionally hear about someone who somehow has a room available at the Omni or something as late as June or early July. At least I hear every year about these people who produce a spare room long after everyone else has settled their arrangements.

What matters here is not being picky. I know that's easy for me to say. But there have been years I was a hotel room beggar and I accepted what downtown pickings I could get. You might not get Hard Rock or Hilton Bayfront or whatever your #1 is, but if you manage to scrounge up some kind of downtown room - just take it and don't look back. You're still at Comic-Con. You're still downtown. 

And if you're not downtown, that's not the end of the world either. You might have to adjust your comings and goings, but you're still going to SDCC and you'll still have an awesome time. And if you find you're too tired come evening to catch the shuttle downtown and party all night - well, you'll be that much more energetic the next day. 

If you did get an email

Ignore the mistake about putting down your deposit by May 13 - it's May 6. You knew it wouldn't be a complete SDCC hotel sale without some kind of confusing weirdness and this is it. May 6. That's your deadline. Confirm your room now.

Good luck, everyone. Remember, this is just round one. More opportunities will present themselves - and all that really matters is you walking into the convention center to revel in San Diego Comic-Con splendor. You'll get some kind of room no matter what and it's just a place to crash and shower. So keep your eyes on the prize and don't let this ruin your anticipation.

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