Wake up, SDCC sleepers! It's time to book a hotel, request a refund, and more

 26 APRIL 2022

Today, with less than 48 hours notice, CCI jarringly sent out an email about the SDCC hotel sale. It wasn't totally a surprise, if you know they usually hold the hotel lottery about 3-4 weeks after Early Bird goes live - but still. It was a bit of a (welcome) slap in the face after our long sleepy SDCC inertia.

They also announced a few other deadlines. Here's what you need to know and do.

  • April 28: the hotel sale goes live. Not a lot different this year - you log into the waiting room between 8-9 am and then at 9, you wait to get picked. One thing that's different: you can sign up for 12 downtown hotels. 

  • May 1: Request a refund or forever hold your peace. I know a lot of people have forgotten they even have a 2022 badge, and others might have been waiting to see what their financial situation was. So many attendees have new jobs with iffy amounts of PTO; others have moved away from the West Coast. There's just been a lot of change in general since the last badge sales in autumn 2019. So if you decided not to go - put some $$$$ back in your pocket.

  • May 13: Last day to update your shipping address. Yes, unlike with Special Edition, CCI has returned to mailing our badges to us. My Member ID account went through some malfeasance during their system change and I had to reset my password - so if you haven't gone into yours and investigated, you really should. Make sure all the right information is there so you can get your badge.

I know it's been kind of weird, this SDCC sleepwalk we've been doing. We're less than 3 months from Preview Night and yet there have been few announcements and little pre-Con buzz. Will that pick up in May? I'm sure it will. I know there's some cynicism about the caliber of SDCC 2022 but let's think positive and wait to see the exclusives, events, and programming coming our way.  I'm sure we'll all find something magnificent to anticipate at Comic-Con.

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