It's time for Comic Con: Apocalypse Edition

 25 NOVEMBER 2021

It's here! Comic-Con Special Edition - the first SDCC of any kind we've had in 2.3 years - launches in less than a day. It's true that some people view this Con as a boondoggle, lacking the celebrities and parties that make SDCC so riveting, but others are looking forward to a more laidback weekend. Some of us like the idea of a chill Comic-Con - something that's previously been an oxymoron.

So far the scene is looking rather ghosttownesque - but that's true of most places on Thanksgiving morning.

I did see this fun La Brea activation. I feel like I'm the only person who watches this show, but maybe it's more popular than I thought. Hopefully this will include the giant prehistoric sloth who stars in it.

My favorite sign so far. I love the idea of COVID being an event that ends on a specific day, like a gruesome street festival.

Now. If you're stressing over bringing and possibly losing your vaccine card, allegedly you can show photos of it and you're good. Allegedly. After you show it, you receive an attractive wrist brand that marks you as one of the Approved. So don't worry that you'll have to flash your card around constantly.

Onto the real question: will this Comic-Con be fun? I think that the fun quotient will be in your hands. Manage your expectations; focus on bonding with your friends and exploring new fandoms or interests. SDCC is so crowded that a lot of us operate within narrow parameters. To access our favored panels or events, we spend a lot of time in line. That shouldn't be as much of a factor this weekend, so ideally we'll all have more time to broaden our nerdly horizons.

And there's the museum opening.

We'll see. If you're here, enjoy the rare event of a Comic-Con that's more spacious, more leisurely. And if you're not - July 2022 really isn't that far away.

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