The Special Edition badge sale is here!

 25 SEPTEMBER 2021

11:53 am

So did everyone get a badge? It seems like it. Even if it hasn't sold out yet, I know local people who normally feel shut out of SDCC will be interested in picking up any badges available. I just texted one of them and he's in. 

Congratulations to everyone who got a badge today. I know lots of people are a bit disdainful about this Con. That's their right - but this is definitely going to be a magnificent weekend for those of us who love the idea of a more relaxed, less crowded Con where we can enjoy time with friends. 

11:32 am

Okay, I'm going to say not too competitive. I'll be interested to see if everyone gets a badge, most, or just a portion.

11:12 am

I can't tell if the sale is more competitive than I anticipated or just going slow. Or both. Right now, out of a buying group of about 30ish sessions, only 1 has been picked with two under 5 minutes away.

The good news: some people are reporting their wait times dropping really fast. So maybe there's our answer.

11:04 am

What's your estimated wait time??? Don't get discouraged if it's long. Just see it through.

10:36 am

You probably know this but - you have to use a credit card to buy badges. No Paypal, Venmo, GPay, bitcoin, etc. Just a reminder!

10:24 am

After eons of Comic-Con inertia, a real, bonafide SDCC badge sale is here! So far several signs point favorably in our direction - a too-easy hotel booking process, a lack of interest in almost everyone I know. And a few signs point the other way too - limited attendance, a messy pro badge sale.

But overall, today shouldn't be as nerve-wracking as a normal badge sale. The stakes are lower, for one thing. I'm excited for Special Edition, but should I not be able to go, I won't be devastated like I would with a normal SDCC. And hey, no spinning blue circle.

Good luck. I'll live blog the sale as much as I can.

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