The Special Edition badge sale will be Sept. 25

 16 SEPTEMBER 2021


And we're back in the saddle! It's the news we've been waiting for: an SDCC badge sale is right around the corner. Yes, technically this is for Special Edition. But it's a Comic-Con, it's in San Diego, it will feature high demand for limited badges - so it's an SDCC badge sale in my eyes.

During our long hiatus, CCI apparently had time to tinker with its badge sale buying process - and a lot has changed. Even if you're planning to skip Special Edition, you probably will want to read this.

Here are the two most impactful changes:

  • You won't need a registration code for this badge sale, just a Member ID. Which means that instead of having one waiting room session per code, people will be able to have a jillion browsers open just for themselves. I don't like this change. I'm hoping you need your Member ID to actually get into the waiting room, but it doesn't sound like it.
  • Everyone who goes to Special Edition will be eligible for Returning Registration for 2023. I dislike this change as well. Either it's in addition to we 2022 badge-holders, which increases the number of us in the 2023 mix, or it replaces us (unlikely.) Granted, the Venn Diagram of 2022 badge holders and Special Edition attendees probably looks pretty tight - so hopefully this won't affect us too greatly. But I had a very petty reaction when I first saw it.

Let's talk about demand vs. supply

If you tracked the NYCC badge sale, which was easy like Sunday morning, you might predict that demand for Special Edition won't be intense as for a normal SDCC sale. Sorry, I just don't believe that. Even if it's fewer people in the mix, there will still be more combatants than winners. The Thanksgiving factor will eliminate some farflung fans - but there are plenty of locals who can still feast with their families and roll into Comic-Con on Friday. And plenty of people like me (and a lot of others I've talked to) who are excited to jettison our families and enjoy Friendsgiving with nerd friends on Comic-Con Eve.

Now - it definitely is different, the aura surrounding this Con. For instance, I effortlessly booked a fully refundable safety room at the Horton for $249/night. Plenty of other downtown hotels like Hotel Z had availability too as of today. I'm guessing that indicates most nerds didn't realize Special Edition was happening and that perhaps their Con skills atrophied a little. 

The actual badge buying process is different

For the better? The worse? I haven't studied it closely enough to have an opinion. But it's something we all need to review. CCI put together an instruction page with diagrams - and really all that matters is you can still buy for 3 people and they all still need to have Member IDs.

CCI is tired of our buying group drama

This advice is gold: "It is critical that you only work with a well-organized buying group. Buying groups can be helpful, but we've seen an increasing number of people get shut out due to disorganized efforts. If your Member ID has been used by another participant, you’ll receive an error message if there is an attempt to use it again."

*raises hand* A few years back, I was managing like 8 sessions for people, which I tracked through little maps so I knew whose code/session got picked and bought accordingly. One of those sessions got picked but bombed out, cancelling the sale. I was able to contact CCI and tell them exactly whose code/badge was robbed. Did they give them a badge? No. They had to wait for Open Reg. But at least I knew who it was - and I've seen people manage so many waiting rooms that they completely lose track of the process. I've seen people stop speaking to someone who claims to have bought their badge, taking them off the list, only to be mistaken. Etc. You've probably seen the same disasters. So I can't even imagine the kind of frantic emails and calls CCI has to deal with on our behalf.

And the badge sale details are...

Date: September 25

Time: "shortly after" 11 a.m. PST

Where to find the link: in your Member profile, as well as an email arriving within 48 hours of the sale

Price: $150 for three days of sheer splendor - no single day badges, sorry

Since it's been a while, now is the time to visit your Member ID account, make sure your details are correct, and that you're ready for battle. Prod your more sluggish friends to do the same. It's been a while since we've done this, and I've seen many people deteriorate - socially, mentally, physically - over the pandemic. Make sure your comrades are in fighting shape for this, especially since the process is slightly different.

Stay tuned!

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