SDCC Returning Registration is 12 October


Consistency feels nice, doesn't it? Many of us speculated that Returning Registration would fall on 12 October since it lined up with the schedule of other emails and announcements - and CCI provided us with that very announcement today. It was comforting.

The basic annual caveat: Returning Registration is only for those of us who went to SDCC this past summer as an attendee. If that's you, you can buy a badge for yourself and two other people - but they also must be 2019 attendees. You can't sneak in another friend who wasn't there. You have to wait for Open Registration for that.

Speaking of - while we can't be certain that will also follow last year's schedule (10 November) - we can and should play it safe by realizing that Open Reg could happen soon. That means prepping all your first-timer friends by having them make a Member ID account and generally impressing upon them the life-or-death nature of an SDCC badge sale. No flakes allowed.

I'll post a refresher course on Ret Reg - but for now, clear that Saturday and the Friday night before (no hangovers allowed also) and get your money and buying group in order. SDCC fortune favors the prepared.

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