It's Comic-Con Eve

16 JULY 2019

Happy Comic-Con Eve. It's a full moon tonight - and inside the convention center, volunteers and exhibitors are working feverishly to give you a nerd Christmas. I'm not there until tomorrow morning but my favorite volunteer Ace has shared some photos.

Like the NASA booth:

Or Funko - what poor volunteer has to open all these boxes? Can you imagine having all these Pops in your hands and knowing you can't keep them?

The cool:

The disturbing:

More boxes to be unpacked; how late will these people work tonight?

And CCI is full of admonitions as always. Note the 25+ minutes warning - they're not kidding. If you're new, it's not like the doors fly open and you sprint straight into the bosom of the Exhibit Hall.

San Diego Comic-Con starts tomorrow. Rest up tonight and be ready for your best 5 days this year.

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