Your Comic-Con shopping checklist

19 JUNE 2019

We're just 4 weeks from San Diego Comic-Con, which means it's time to make a list of everything you need. If you're an Amazon Prime member, and you want to wait for Prime Day, I wouldn't; previous years saw Prime Day falling as late as 10 July -16 July. I wouldn't risk it.

Just a few ideas of what you might need....

An air mattress/air hammock, portable chairs, and other supports. I know some people like to rough it outside in line or on hotel room floors, but why?

A new camera or phone. This might seem extravagant, but if you need one anyhow, you may as well splash out before Comic-Con so you can take great pictures/video.

A new domain/digital portfolio. If you're going to market yourself, start developing your print and digital assets now. Ditto business cards.

Cosplay elements. Not just weaponry, clothing and wigs, but also good theatre makeup and fixative sprays. If you're new to SDCC cosplay, remember that you might not be able to get back to your room for tune-ups that often. Consider sewing and repair kits.

Medications. If you have a prescription about to expire and you need to schedule an office visit to get it renewed, do that now.

Extra batteries, chargers, etc. Trying to recharge in the convention center is a Sisyphean task.

Shoes. This is easily the most obvious thing everyone needs for SDCC, yet a stunning number of first-timers come without comfortable footwear that can get them through the miles of Comic-Conning. Buy now if you need to and break them in.

Earplugs and sleep masks. Obviously you might have roommates snoring or stumbling in at all hours, but some hotels (looking at you, Hard Rock) are just noisy. There's also your proximity to the street to consider. Three years ago I spent a night in a second-floor room at Hilton Gaslamp and it was like trying to sleep through Mardi Gras.

A small pharmacy. Especially if you're with a group. One of your friends will definitely have a headache, blistered feet, a hangover, constipation or an Exhibit Hall flu. Just stock up instead of depending on some overpriced gift shop with iffy hours.

Braces, splints and other supports. You might do fine without these at home, but SDCC is a marathon. You can easily aggravate your plantar fasciitis, bad back, fake knee, recently sprained ankle and so on. I feel like it's just better to come prepared, because as soon as you're in pain and stuck in bed, it's game over.

Special nerd outfits. No one cares what you wear at SDCC - they just want you to be showered and laundered. But because fandom emotions run high, and superstitions can surge forth over the link between a lucky t-shirt and a fortuitous celebrity encounter, some attendees care very much about their clothing. If you have a specific idea for a Red Sonja shirt or you want to honor Stan Lee in your apparel, get that squared away now.

Preview Night is 4 weeks from tonight. Crazy, right?

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