What do you think of the Souvenir Book cover?

18 JUNE 2019

Courtesy of Comic-Con International

One of the final mysteries of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 has been unveiled: the Souvenir Book cover. Because this is SDCC #50, it was a safe bet that CCI would themselves go with a safe bet and they did: a bunch of DC characters flying out of the convention center like spandex-clad bees to fight evil. Actually, I'm not really sure of the back story.

The artist/penciller is - Jim Lee! How unexpected. Alex Sinclair provided the vibrant color magic and Scott Williams the inks. You can see it above, complete with the watermark CCI slapped on to stop sleazy little bloggers like me from sharing it.

What do you think? Will you buy a print? Can we look forward to a Snapchat-type filter that just shows one character at a time disturbingly morphing into others?

First-timers, you may wonder what a Souvenir Book is. It's a thick paperback of articles and art that you'll receive when you get your bag and guide. It's something to read when you're back home and not distracted by a million Con-squirrels.

Sounds like we're in for a DC year. But I think we all knew that, right?


  1. Hi, Valerie.

    Just wondering about your "DC" comment re: the booklet cover. I see at least three prominent Marvel characters (Spidey, Panther, Captain Marvel) plus several characters from other publishers. But, hey, you da bomb. Tell me they're all DC, and I will believe you.