Hotel sale tips

10 APRIL 2019

So we're less than a day out from tomorrow's hotel room lottery. By now most of you know exactly what to expect and do - but here are a few tips anyway.

Don't try to use the link multiple times on the same browser. I know there are questions about how penetrating onPeak is about analyzing IP addresses. We don't know.

Avoid "duplicate" submissions. Remember that onPeak's idea of a duplicate may be different from yours. I know married couples and a mother/daughter team who are going to be careful about using different names and addresses.

Be realistic about your choices. I honestly don't think it matters much what hotels you pick if you're trying to stay downtown - unless you're in the .001% that gets in immediately. Otherwise you just get put at the closest downtown hotel if you're lucky or get moved to the hinterlands. That said, realize that the Marriott and Hilton Bayfront and Hard Rock are already rife with VIPs, remember that hardly any (or zero) attendees seemed to get the Pendry last year, and that really any downtown hotel is a get. If you're not getting in quickly, don't bother wasting your picks on the top hotels.

If you're thinking of arriving late or leaving early, don't worry about that now. Just pick the full dates and pay your deposit, then make a decision in the coming weeks. You can trim a night off here or there as long as you're still staying for those 2 nights.

If you're staying with a bunch of people in 1 room, be aware that many people wound up with a single room last year after requesting a quad. So don't just assume your team is done as soon as 1 person gets in. Play it through and make all of your submissions. You may wind up needing 2 rooms.

Check the prices. They have risen a bit this year; overall, rates are considerably higher than they were in, say, 2012.  Make sure all of your roommates have agreed to the cost, because I've seen people lose it over being asked to pay an extra $15 a day.

Be accommodating when it comes to room exchanges. Yes, this is for after we get our results, but I know a lot of people are already cautiously greasing the skids.  I've already had the annual rite of People I Barely Know calling dibs on any "extra rooms" I get. No, I'll be giving those rooms, if they existed and they won't, to actual friends. Again - be realistic about the number of people that want to make an exchange. If someone is gracious enough to offer, make it easy for them in any way you can. That includes handling whatever phone calls/emails you can, being available for updates, responding immediately to questions and paying what's needed.

Good luck and try not to stress. If you have a badge, you're going to San Diego Comic-Con and that's all that matters.

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