You can buy and sell ECCC badges on Lyte now


If you've trafficked with Emerald City Comicon before, you know their badge system works a little differently than some other Cons; you can buy a bunch of badges without saying who they're for, but you haven't been able to resell those badges legitimately or turn them in for a refund.

And if you missed out on getting the ECCC badge you want (it happens), you have to lurk around StubHub and Craigslist and other places to buy a ticket, usually at inflated prices.

That's all changed now.

How It Works

Emerald City is working with Lyte to adjust some of their previous badge practices. Essentially you can both resell a badge you don't need and buy a badge you weren't able to get - no scalpers, ticket scams or mark-up in the mix.

  • Let's say you really want a full ECCC badge but didn't get one. You can "reserve" one through Lyte for any badges that become available.
  • Or maybe your friend bails on you or you get sick or some deadline rears its head - and you tragically can't go to Emerald City after all. Instead of eating the cost or trying to sell your ticket online, you can resell it to Lyte. 
  • How much will you get if you resell? A "fair market offer." Decipher that as you will.

This should bring some hope to those of you who didn't get a full ECCC badge, and offer flexibility to those of you with unpredictable and demanding schedules. It also opens a different Comic-Con window to those of you who don't do well in tomorrow's SDCC Open Registration badge sale.

You can put your name on the Lyte badge reservation list here.

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