Where we are with Conan

12 JULY 2018

Since it whirled into our Comic-Con lives in 2015, Conan has been one of the major gets of SDCC. It's always been tough to get tickets but the first two years felt somewhat manageable. Last year took a turn into chaos, with ticket holders turned away and standby line campers wasting part of their Con on a pointless endeavor.

This year seems to have gone in a different direction; it seems that hardly anyone got tickets. Obviously some people did but those of us with extensive SDCC networks have noticed an eerie lack of confirmations. So here are a few thoughts.

  • Some people have found they do have tickets when they check their 1iota accounts - even though they didn't get an email. So check yours.

  • It's possible the ConanCon team is being extra cautious to make sure they can accommodate everyone, after having to turn people away last year. So maybe additional confirmations will still trickle out as we get closer and they feel comfortable releasing people from the waitlist. That said, I doubt they will be high in number even if this happens.

  • If you don't get a ticket, you can still ask around and see who has extras - but this year, you're part of a very large group and the odds aren't in your favor. Ditto with standby. My advice is to move on and plan a different day. Ultimately Conan is very time-consuming and pretty much hijacks your day for a brief taping. Make peace with not going and find something else to do. It's not like you lack options.

I know this has felt like a tough year overall, but I really believe that everyone will feel the same SDCC spirit once we're all there. Try to stay positive and I'm sure you'll come up with some kind of adventure.

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