SDCC goes old school in the Sails Pavilion

15 JUNE 2018

Remember when you used to go pick up your badge in the Sails Pavilion? How it felt so specifically Comic-Con to walk into that big, airy room and show your ID and get your badge and then your books and bag? As much as I like getting our badges mailed to us, picking up our guides and bags at the Marriott or wherever has never felt the same - so it's pretty cool that we're headed back to the Sails for that part of our SDCC routine.

Oh, and yes - our badges are headed our way. I know we're all nervous about thieves/freak mishaps but badge mailing mostly went smoothly in other years so I'm sure we'll be good this year. If your badges are going to a friend or vice versa, be sure to keep in contact about it without being annoying; it's good to check in with everyone just for reassurance sake. And you're covered in any case, because if your badge gets lost or absconded with, you can just contact CCI and they'll deactivate it and issue you a new one onsite.

You'll notice this year's pins include a special Astronaut Toucan version; if you really want that but get the standard pin, or vice versa, you can buy the one you want at the Con.

It's happening! Comic-Con is almost here.


  1. What is the purpose of having your badge shipped to a stranger? Honestly asking.

    1. A lot of people are moving in the summer months between dorms, apartments and their parents; other people only have tiny apartment mailboxes or live in a theft-prone neighborhood. I always have a few friends who send their badges to my house because my mailbox is locked and secured and I work at home, so I'm always available for deliveries.

      As for a "stranger" - I think most people are only working with people they count as online friends at the very least. I could be wrong.