Welcome to the hotel sale

4 APRIL 2018

12:26 pm

After collecting reports all morning, I'm not feeling so confident about my chances. I got into the form in under a minute but I'm hearing from other people who got in just as quick and some people who skipped the green man entirely.

And annoyingly, my safety room which I booked last year, and still have an email clearly stating the deposit won't be charged until 72 hours of my arrival, is now demanding a non-refundable payment on 17 April. No matter where you turn, these hotels get shady around Comic-Con time.

A final note: if you did badly in today's sale - all the hotels were gone when you got in or you didn't get in until 9:20 - I would advise looking now. Don't bank on a trade or the waitlist. Now is the time to explore your options.

9:18 am

So how did we do? I got in quite quickly, like last year, although it doesn't bolster my confidence much; last year my fast entry only netted me the Wyndham Bayside. We'll see.

My sale was made more chaotic than usual by a friend who absolutely could not comprehend the form. I got over a dozen texts from her: "What should I put for 'Company?' All the hotels I want are unavailable. Should I just pick random ones?" Etc. This is why everyone should review the form ahead of time - there's no time for incompetence during an SDCC sale. And there's no time to be interrupting your comrades either.

Let's talk time. I got in quickly but didn't complete my form until 9:07. Not sure why it took me so long. Most people I've talked to didn't get in until 9:06 or later. Just unlucky? Or did the sale move slower this year? As my sample group grows, I'll have a better idea.

How did you do?

8:35 am

It's here: the ugliest sale of San Diego Comic-Con. If your stomach isn't aflutter right now, you haven't been paying attention.

You should be in the waiting room by now. There shouldn't be too much to report during the sale - you get picked or you don't - but no doubt we'll sort through the usual pile of complaints post-sale. Form weirdness, disrupted onPeak calls, panic over submitting the wrong hotels, etc.

Buck up and stay strong. Today is just the beginning. Most of us will anxiously await those special emails on 9 April and 16 April, but attendees who wash out completely - say, you don't get in until 9:16 or something - you can and should start hunting down alternative lodging right now.

Good luck. I'll post what I hear.


  1. I got the email about the deposit on that hotel too... and my reservation which was cancelable when I booked it is now claiming that it's not...

    At least the deposit is due on the 17th, which is after the second round of notifications.

    1. Yeah, they knew exactly the right date to pick. And it's a decent location for sure, but it's still annoying.