Hotel Day is 4 April

27 MARCH 2018

Today CCI answered the question that's burned in our hearts for months: when will Hotel Day happen already?

The answer is a week from tomorrow, 4 April. Like many Comic-Con announcements, the relief of knowing is juxtaposed with a new wave of anxiety. We all know how Hotel Day goes. It's brutal. It seems to get worse every year. The days of, "Well, I suppose I can tolerate the Gaslamp if I can't get the Marriott" have given way to "Please just let me be close to downtown."

First-timers, I'm hoping you all wisely signed up for Early Bird. If you didn't, and you're counting on the hotel sale to deliver unto you a nearby and reasonably priced room, you may want to brace yourself. Most people do not get a downtown room these days. What people do instead:

  • Pile up like a litter of puppies in a single downtown room
  • Make peace with the shuttle and the quiet nights on Hotel Circle
  • Beg their way into an Airbnb or someone's condo
  • Embrace the various lawns and lines around the convention center as their nightly destination
  • Make Faustian deals to trade on their connections/offerings to get a room someone else doesn't need

That last is harder and harder to do these days. But I'll post more about that later. What you can do now is this:
  • Still grab onto an Early Bird room 
  • Review the list of hotels and their rates
  • Study the process* and get your information and selections ready
  • Start talking to roommates and other groups now
  • Hunt for rentals and other non-CCI accommodations

*I'll post more on the process later.

What you shouldn't do is take this for granted. Hope springs eternal when it comes to SDCC attendees - it's just who we are. Someone has already texted me, "We're going to stay at the Pendry." And there's nothing wrong with that as your Plan A as long as you also have Plans B, C, D and E - because it really can get that bleak.

We're all in this together. Stay tuned.

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