Get your Emerald City ticket on 11 October


News: When are ECCC Tickets going on sale?
It's Happening: October 11 at 12:00 PM PDT
Bonus: We've made Thursday a full day for 2018!

Happy new comic book day. The Con-barren month that is September has finally offered us some exciting news: Emerald City Comicon tickets are going on sale 11 October at noon PST.

If you're not excited about this, I will provide some reasons you should be in a minute. For now, here are the practical details:

  • Tickets go on sale at noon, online only, on 11 October. Like last year, they're offering 4-day tickets and individual day tickets. (No VIP.) 
  • In honor of your interest and ECCC's magnificence, Thursday has been extended to a full day.
  • Hotels will go live same day, same time, same Bat channel.
  • You will need to be on point for this. Don't think you'll buy your tickets when you get home from work - full tickets sold out in 20 minutes last year. 
  • That said - people were able to buy all 4 days separately for about a week. I assume they'll be snapped up faster this year, because that's the pattern, but you still should be able to get the whole show some way or another if you move fast.
  • Press and pro applications open next Monday, 18 September, at 9 am PST.

Now let's talk about what makes Emerald City Comicon so irresistible. I went over the basic reasons a few weeks ago, but if you're too lazy to read that, here's a quick summary:

  • Emerald City has that feel of an actual comic book convention. It's kind of like a woolly mammoth that way, except with the best comic talent working today.
  • But they have really good guests from your favorite shows and movies too. I say this all the time, but more guests at SDCC or NYCC don't mean more guests for you - you can only attend so many panels and photo ops, after all. ECCC often gives you just as many opportunities and in a much more manageable, accessible way.
  • In fact, pretty much all of ECCC is more serene and satisfying. Lines (when they exist) are short. Hotels, events and the convention center are in close proximity. You can grab a drink or a meal without it being a major expedition. You can sleep in without missing the day's events, because you can usually get into them last minute.
  • The cosplay is amazing. Very imaginative and often more nerdly.
  • They offer more interesting events and cater to some specific fan niches. I can't guarantee your fandom will be one of them, but on the whole ECCC isn't afraid to go off the beaten path. 
  • A lot of attendees from other Cons go, so you'll have more friends there than you think.
  • Overall, people say that ECCC reminds them of how San Diego Comic-Con used to be. I personally don't feel the same way (insofar as my 2002+ attendance allows) but I get what they mean - there's a more informal, relaxed charm to this Con.

And of course - you have no idea if the fates will smile on you for 2018 SDCC. This is a great option that you don't need to stress over. It's also not terribly expensive in terms of hotel rooms and ticket prices.

A few years ago, ECCC attracted mostly comic fans. Now its reputation has boomed and it's now become one of the most appealing Comic Cons in the country. Before you sneer at it for not being NYCC or SDCC, give yourself a chance to discover all the incredible components this Con has to offer. I don't think you'll regret it.

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