Westworld comes to San Diego

29 JUNE 2017

Remember a few years ago when we'd hope for news of Westworld at SDCC - and it seemed like it was delayed forever? Now here we are with a first season behind us and what sounds like a great experience coming to Comic-Con.

It is immersive because of course it is, and it promises "a taste of the luxuries and liberties afforded to Westworld guests." Presumably that doesn't mean guns or robot brothels but - well, I'm not sure what else there could be in the "Westworld Experience Center." I guess we'll find out. And let's not kid ourselves, we're all going to line up for this because you know it's going to be cool.

By the way, the Westworld panel is not on Friday to accompany Game of Thrones but on Saturday in Hall H at 4:15. Autographs follow at 5:45 in the WB booth; the drawing for that will take place that morning.

So bust out your best Maeve and Hector cosplay and be ready for violent delights with violent ends. And launch your Westworld application to track the latest updates on this.

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