Nerd HQ won't be at SDCC this year

12 MAY 2017

If you didn't get a badge for San Diego Comic-Con and you were hoping to fill your days and nights with Nerd HQ - forget it. Zach Levi just announced they aren't coming.

If you're familiar with their history, they've struggled in the past to find the funds to come to SDCC - and it sounds a lack of such is the issue this year.

Bright side: They are hoping to present other activations. He is "committed to whatever we can bring you, in whatever form" and promised that the next week will bring a flurry of announcements about other things they're doing.

So this may leave a hole in your Comic-Con plans - but if you have a badge, you should be able to find something else to fill it. If you don't and were coming mainly for Nerd HQ, you may want to rethink the entire idea.

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