Change your badge mailing address immediately

17 MAY 2017

Can you believe we're only 63 days from Comic-Con? I can't. It feels like we all just locked down our badges and hotel rooms 10 minutes ago and are just starting to breathe easy again.

And yet our badges will soon be sailing through the U.S. Postal Service, as CCI reminded us today. Tomorrow, 18 May, is the last day to change your shipping address for your badge. If you don't have a solid address for June - it happens, people are traveling all summer or embarking on internships or changing apartments - then pick your most dependable friend/family member and put in their address as your shipping address.

Because, and let's give CCI a virtual hug for this, they're now letting us have 2 addresses on our Member ID profiles: a home address and a shipping address. This is very convenient for more nomadic attendees, students, and international people.

Yes, international people can now have their badges sent to their best American pal. As you know, CCI won't mail badges to Hong Kong or Brussels or Mumbai; last year, international attendees had to pick up their badges on site. Which wasn't the worst thing in the world, but now CCI is eliminating even that step if you prefer to have a friend receive your badge.

As for when the blessed event/anxiety vigil will occur, CCI says badges will ship out 3-4 weeks before the Con. Basically, you'll know it's started when people begin filling Instagram and Twitter with pictures of their badges.

Make sure you're one of them - and change your address now if necessary.


  1. No comment on the waitlist joke? You didn't even mention it.

    1. I was flying back from NY Monday so I missed the whole thing. It was over by the time I got home. I will be doing a post on final lodging options for people who are still on the hunt.