Make sure you're eligible for Open Reg

3 APRIL 2017

If your mind has been awhirl with thoughts of taxes, Spring Break and the Final Four, you may have been able to forget - sort of - about Open Registration for San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. (But probably you've been obsessing over it like any normal red-blooded attendee.) If you've been online at all today, you know that some people are already getting their emails that say, "Congratulations! You are eligible to participate in Comic-Con 2017 Open Registration!"

Some people haven't gotten them yet; if you're in this category, don't worry. But there is something you might want to do: log into your Member ID account and see if you're marked as eligible for Open Reg. If you are in the attendee category - you're not a pro, a vendor, etc. - your account should show the green sign up top unless you got a Preview Night badge in Returning Reg. Then your account will show the red NO sign.

If you log in and don't see your eligibility indicated, and you believe you should be eligible, contact CCI now. Once the emails with the codes start going out later in the week, they'll be far busier and may not have time to get you sorted by Saturday. Contact them now.

And if you and your friends made your accounts a long time ago, it's a good idea just to make sure you all have the right Member ID names and passwords, and that your addresses are correct. (Your badges will be mailed to you and you can't change your address after a certain point.) If this is your first badge sale, don't put this off. Be sure your finances are in order as well.

I'll post more advice about Open Reg in the coming days. Good luck.

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