Welcome to Returning Registration

11 MARCH 2017

10:25 AM

Well, that was fast. What did you think?

My thoughts: overall, the sale went very smoothly. Hats off to CCI; I know there were a few glitches for some people but nothing crashed and burned as far as I've heard. My team had 1 snafu with someone who first came up as already bought for (she wasn't) and then when someone else tried to buy for her, the session "expired." Hopefully CCI will make that right.

In terms of stats - who got what - I'll be collecting the numbers. For what it's worth, I oversaw 8 sessions and this is how it shook out: 2 got picked immediately, then there was a long inertia, and someone else got picked for Thursday-Sunday, and then someone else got picked for Sunday. So: half the sessions got in, and varying points of access. Sounds about statistically right.

One of the Preview Night sessions was mine - and it was the first time I've been picked in several years. (Still got a badge those years, but through the kindness of strangers and one ex.) Apparently the Comic-Con hex on my head has dissipated. Overall it shows this really is a lottery. Sometimes you win and sometimes you... beg people to win for you.

Not all of my friends were as lucky as I hoped, so yes, I will be back in the Open Registration mix.

Did you wash out completely? "Only" get Thursday and Sunday, or just Sunday? Don't feel too sorry for yourselves; you're still going to Comic-Con and you're still going to have a banquet of event and entertainment options open to you, in and out of the Con.

I'll post more on that later. Until then - celebrate if you can, and plot your Open Reg strategy if you need to.

9:22 AM

For the first time in a few years, I got picked right away. So did a friend who normally does not get picked. Now, though, a certain lull has set in. How are the rest of you doing?

9:06 AM

Okay, we got the patience message. It's on.

9:04 AM

.... And they're a little bit late. I haven't even seen the "Be patient while we sort you in deserving and undeserving categories." Hmmm.

8:47 AM

Some people have gotten booted; others have gotten odd messages to stop refreshing. Remember to:

1) Screenshot any glitch or weirdness in case you need later proof
2) Have your code at hand so you can log right back in

7:31 AM PST

It's finally here! Are you ready? Nervous? Hands shaking, stomach in a knot?

Me too. But we'll get through this together. Remember that this is only Round 1 and you have a very good chance of getting some kind of badge in at least one of the two sales. And even if it's a partial badge, you've got plenty to do at the Con on your off days. So try to stay positive.

Today's sale should go reasonably fast, but make sure your camp is stocked with drinks and snacks so you don't have to break your vigil even for a second. Hit the loo now. Have your credit cards ready. Do some yogic breathing. And remember that no matter what, you will have some kind of magnificent Comic Con experience this year.


  1. Congrats on getting preview night! I don't know anyone in my circle to ever get that prized day. I've tried in the past and wasn't successful.

    1. 4 people and no one got picked. What the hell?

    2. Luis, how big is your group? I agree, it is difficult to get.

    3. Unfortunately it's common enough not to have anyone get picked. I hope you have better luck in Open Reg.

    4. Hi Valerie...last year miraculously I got in by myself - i didn't get in today.
      I know it is better to have a group, but i am quite hesitant. It would feel uncomfortable in completely trusting with strangers that I dont even know.

    5. I understand your hesitancy. One option is to look for online friends in your current communities and see if any of them would like to team up; you can also try to make friends at Comic-Con. Good luck in Open Reg.

  2. Congrats on a smooth badge sale! My group is headed to our 4th consecutive SDCC! 6 people running 6 sessions, and 1 came up around 9:15, the next before Sat sold out (so we all got everything we wanted), and one more came up after Sat sold out, but we didn't need it by then. This is the first time we've ever gotten everything at Pre-reg - we usually get nothing or Sunday.

    I hope the hotel sale works out - that ended up being much more stressful than the badges last year.

    1. I echo your thoughts about the hotel sale. The last few years, it's gotten more and more dire.

      Congrats on getting everything you wanted. :)

  3. How many badges were sold today? I heard fifty percent would get in. Doesn't seem like it.

    1. I myself hit the 50% mark, but my informal survey turned up 3 out of 7 sessions getting into the waiting room, and 1 of those getting all 4 days or Preview Night.