Quick PSA on badge sales, glitches and documentation

21 MARCH 2017

Happy Spring! But maybe not so happy for those of you who didn't get a badge last weekend. And maybe, for some of you, not happy or unhappy - because you ran into some kind of badge sale glitch and CCI is still working out whether or not you can count on going to SDCC.

Which brings me to this announcement. We all know that if something goes awry - a screen freeze, an error message, some kind of systemic meltdown that affects you and only you - you screenshot it, send it to CCI and they make it right. Usually. Right?

Well, I ran into something this sale that I think bears sharing. I was covering multiple people during Returning Reg - and to do that, I created maps that detailed whose session was on which browser and which laptop. That way I could ensure everyone got first billing in their own sessions. Being a paranoid sort, I saved my little maps - and it was a good thing I did, because one of my badge purchases apparently froze/didn't go through. I didn't even realize it until the receipt didn't come. CCI needed the registration code for that session to research it - yes, in addition to my screenshot. That was a first.

Probably they could have dug around and found something without it (I hope) but I thought it was worth sharing for Open Reg and other sales. I know things can get chaotic during a sale (understatement) and many of us cover friends at work or handle other people's sessions. That in itself is a responsibility. But to really ensure you safeguard your badge opportunities, especially in the face of glitches and bad luck, it's a good idea to document everything you can and hang onto it. The session reg code I used for that badge wasn't requested until almost a week after the sale, and it was only due to my own paranoia that I still had all the codes and records.

Just something to keep in mind for future sales. If there's anything worse than not getting picked in a badge sale, it's getting picked, celebrating and then finding out days later that somehow you don't have a badge after all. Be careful and methodical, document everything and hang onto it.


  1. So you didn't get a badge?

    You also need to update your 2016 page.

    1. Yes, I still have my PN badge. It was someone else I bought for.

      And I'll update it this weekend. I've been in deadline hell.

    2. I know this sounds weird, but I'm a pro who needs to find 2 people to take to SDCC 2107, as all my friends:
      Can't afford it
      Can't get the time off
      Or don't want to give birth DURING THE CON! (Wimps!) lol
      Let's talk! Hate to have them go to waste! :)

    3. Jenny, did you post on Friends of Comic-Con or the Reddit group? You might find a taker there.