Welcome to ECCC

2 MARCH 2017

Downtown Seattle is rapidly filling up with rumpled people lugging boxes and bags in and out of various hotels. In other words, it's Day 1 of Emerald City Comicon. Are you ready?

Today is a half day, but there's still quite a bit to do. In the main stage, we have the cast of the 7 Deadly Sins - and that's it. Thursday is primarily a comics day, and it's also a good day to stake your claim on the show floor. Let's look at the panels.

                                                                The first line - 9 a.m.

Creators have quite a bit to choose from. Panels on turning your obsession into art, handling licensed properties, world building, transactional law, book covers, voice acting and pitching editors are all available.

And of course we have plenty of straight up comics panels: DC Rebirth, Lumberjanes, Rat Queens, Valiant, Image, John Layman, erotic comics, spooky comics and more.

There are quite a few interactive panels as well. Jedi lessons, Yoga and Stranger Things, a BeyBlade Burst tournament; youngsters and the people who like them can go to My First Comic.

We also have a few cultural panels: masculinity in the geek world, women in comics and diversity in publishing. Plus Gail Simone and Gene Luen Yang will talk about reading outside our comfort zones.

Tonight we have the infamous Sandman Erotic Fanfiction Competition - tickets are still available - and there's a Funimation party at the Sheraton bar. There's also an LGBTQ party in Capitol Hill for ECCC attendees; I'll post more on that if I can later, and some other events.

Happy ECCC, everyone.

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