The SDCC badge sale is almost here - with 1 change

27 FEBRUARY 2017

Breathe easy; CCI has confirmed that we ARE having 2 San Diego Comic-Con badge sales, Returning Registration and Open Registration.

And guess what? Regardless of who buys your badge, it will come straight to YOU. No more weird buyer mailing shenanigans like last year; CCI has stepped up and granted us all one of our wishes. That's good news and one less thing to worry about.

Otherwise things sound fairly similar:

  • You can buy for 3 people.
  • You had to attend SDCC 2016 as an attendee to participate in Returning Reg. Other people, your turn will come.
  • You still need to have one buying session per browser, still need cookies and JavaScript, still aren't supposed to use phones and ipads.
  • We'll still have special member ID codes to get us into the waiting room, and it's still going to be a (heartbreaking for some) lottery.
  • Most importantly, we will still face the spinning blue circle of insanity - and probably CCI's nerd version of dad jokes. 

Now. This got announced on a Monday, which means that even though no dates were given, Returning Registration just may fall on this Saturday, 4 March. Right when I and 50,000 other nerds hoped it wouldn't be, because of Emerald City Comicon, but it wouldn't be a badge sale without some kind of vexing inconvenience.

Are you ready to rumble? Is your heart thump-thump-thumping with anticipation? I'll post specific advice later tonight or tomorrow; for now, firm up your arrangements and gird your loins for one very stressful Saturday morning in March.


  1. Good news to hear returning registration will be here soon. I agree with you that it most likely be this Saturday. My friends are thrilled it'll happen soon. For the rest of us for open registration we'll be waiting on pins and needles!

    1. Pins and needles indeed. March will pretty much be official Stress Month.

  2. How far apart will both sales be? Just an estimate.

    1. I don't know. I'm thinking 2 weeks, but it could be 1, it could be 3. Right now my ideal dates are Returning Reg on 11 March, Open on 25 March.

      However - assuming CCI does the Early Bird hotel sale between Open Reg and Hotel Day, they may want to speed this up as much as possible. So it could be both sales 2 Saturdays in a row, then 2 weeks of Early Bird, then Hotel Day in April.