Welcome to Comic-Con!

20 JULY 2016

It's finally here - after all your heart-pounding badge sales and hotel room deals and anxious waiting, San Diego Comic-Con starts today.

Well, in my opinion. I know it "officially" starts tomorrow but Preview Night is Comic-Con at its core - crowded, exciting, avaricious and loud. And look at what else we have on the docket:

  • More than a thousand of us are going to Conan O'Brien this afternoon to see the cast of Silicon Valley
  • Umpteen jillion of us are lining up for the ticket drawing for the Star Trek premiere - and a smaller number going to the actual event
  • Hundreds more are going to the Fandago party, the Enchantment Under the SDCC party and the HitFix party

And that doesn't even include smaller but still important events, like the preview of "Neil deGrasse Tyson Presents Space Odyssey" at the Hilton Gaslamp. (Press preview from 3-6 pm; everyone else preview from 6-9 pm. If you want to test out all the space/VR/NASA fun before the masses, consider heading over when you're done with the Exhibit Hall.)

So yes, Comic-Con starts today. If you're here and badged, decide if you want to do Ballroom 20 pilots or the Exhibit Hall. Get plenty of cash so you don't lose out on a sweet exclusive while you run to the ATM. Check the map again so you know exactly which aisle your #1 booth is in. And if you're not badged, walk around and see the sights. It's always fun to see the activations go up.

I'll report back on Preview Night - which I'll probably be late to after Conan, unless someone spots me a jet pack.

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