The SDCC offsites are amazing this year

5 JULY 2016

Erasing any doubt that you actually need a badge to have fun at Comic-Con, CCI announced their major offsites today. Emphasis on their; these may be officially recognized but there are plenty of others afoot. Right now, those of you who landed in the Thursday/Sunday split like my niece are probably not too upset about missing out on a few days inside the convention center.

So what do we have? A lot of VR but a few other things too.

Live coverage.

Comic-Con HQ will be at the Hilton Bayfront for daily live programming and nerd celebs and Con coverage.

Adult Swim is back. 

Hard to believe Adult Swim once contained their annual Con carnival to the Exhibit Hall floor. The Meatwad Full Dome Experience is back, so are some nightime events and so is a Rick and Morty VR experience.

The Omni will have a daily Batman v Superman scavenger hunt.

And a Batmobile.

MAC is offering a Star Trek photo op.

We knew about the Thursday launch party in the Gaslamp MAC store, but this goes beyond the debut of the Star Trek makeup line; you can also enjoy a "futuristic photo op and unique immersive experience" in the Star Trek transporter.

NBC revives the lost art of free Comic-Con treats.

In this case, frozen yogurt. Along with photo ops and other promotions for Timeless, Emerald City and The Good Place.

Amazon is promoting their shows The Man in the High Castle and Thunderbirds are Go.

Costumes, props, more VR.

Hasbro gives you a once-in-a-lifetime photo op.

It's with Transformers hero Bumblebee to celebrate the launch of EarthWars.

Neil deGrasse Tyson lights up your Con with space travel magnificence.

CCI is calling this “VR Con at Comic-Con.” Catchy title, CCI. They'll have “The John Wick VR Experience,” “NASA’s Journey to Mars” and others - and this sounds like it will be real VR (we hope?) and not simple 360 stuff.

South Park lures you away from the Con and never lets you go.

If you arrive at SDCC and detest it immediately - and that happens sometimes - you can head over to South Park's Hulu viewing lounge and lose yourself in every episode ever of South Park. You can also step into 20 life-size 2D/3D builds in an interactive fan experience, admire South Park art, and more.

The Her Universe Geek Fashion Show returns.

Another Thursday evening event. I've never been but I know it's quite popular.

American Horror Story IS at Comic-Con - kind of.

The cast may not have a panel this year, but FX is bringing an AHS VR experience, a face swap garden, giveaways and more.

Fox celebrates fishnets and muscles.

A giant rock wall, a huge stunt bag, another "immersive virtual reality experience" for Rocky Horror - you probably can't go wrong with this one.

In addition to device charging, Con-X will have a t-shirt bar.

Custom, limited edition t-shirts. Isn't "limited edition" guaranteed with anything customized? I'm guessing they'll be working with some kind of template and you can deviate from there.

First-timers, don't wait for Sunday to do these and the other activations. The lines will be awful. Find time in your schedule here and there and try to knock off the ones you really want to do early on.


  1. Heya Valerie! I am stoked to go SDCC (5 Days!) and CAN'T WAIT!
    I don't want to change the SDCC fever and all but I just attended ANIME EXPO 2016 - its' just as big as SDCC (98,000+ and getting bigger). Usually it's 4 days, but they announced it will be 5 days! (A preview Night). I have no idea how that would set up.
    I know it's only Japanese Anime but I like to know your thoughts about this convention and/or have you attended this Con before? Thanks Valerie

    1. I haven't attended, but I would in a heartbeat. I am watching Japanese anime at this very second. Sounds like you had a good time?

  2. Yes! :) Not quite as SDCC in events but they do have actitives / shows that goes into the night.
    You should go. But for some reason the last day this expo ALWAYS fall on July 4th. Next year it will be on a Tuesday. Weird right?
    Keep it up posting all the 411 on SDCC!