The SDCC Daily

7 JULY 2016

Busy day. What did we find out? Besides the obvious, Thursday panels.

And the SDCC keycards.

Well, you probably found out if you were going to the Wednesday Conan taping with Silicon Valley. There were questions, celebrations and complaints about this, so a few points.
  • They prioritized SDCC attendees, which meant you had to use the promo code that was sent in the email. What email? The one you got if your Member ID profile opted in to receive emails from third-party sources. If you opted out of that, you didn't get an email with a promo code and you probably got wait-listed for every Conan taping. I thought everyone knew about this; I was wrong and I feel bad for not warning people.
  • You can still do standby. If you do this, mention that you're officially waitlisted. You'll be prioritized over those who aren't. Have your waitlist email at the ready. If you're wearing some amazing cosplay, you may be seated near the front.
  • That said, I think competition for standby will be a lot more intense this year. 
  • So far we know that SV is Wednesday; Thursday is Weird Al and maybe a mystery guest?; Friday is Game of Thrones (and it will tape later than normal to accommodate their schedule) and Saturday is Suicide Squad. 

We also found out there's a new kind of villain in town; scammers who steal badge pictures and post them in fake online auctions. I know a few thousand of you happily shared your badge photo, sometimes with your name showing, online, so please learn from what happened to one guy: he was stripped of his pro status and had his badge cancelled by CCI - because a picture of it showed up in an Ebay action. Hopefully he can work this out with CCI. In the meantime, consider this living proof that fraudulent badge sales abound online. Whoever posted that auction (and they immediately created a new one with the name scribbled out) does not have a badge, but they may soon have an extra 2K in their pocket.

Titan announced their Torchwood book would launch at the Con.

Boom! showed their WWE covers, including one featuring Matias Bergara.

In addition to the Aliens reunion at the Con, Fox is letting you pre-order a special 30th anniversary version - and the Blu-ray comes with a Dark Horse art book and collectible cards.

Another Thursday night event: the Archer cast will do a live episode reading on a yacht. If you got tickets to this, I'm officially jealous. If you didn't get tickets, you can still get tickets for Rave of Thrones the same night. 

Gentle Giant rolled out a few SDCC exclusives.

So did Toys R Us.

Enter Schick's #Hydrorescue contest to hit up SDCC and meet Zachary Quinto.

ComiXology announced its Comic Book All Star trading cards which you can pick up at their booth.

Or you could pick up this Jared Leto-based Joker.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab announced their SDCC scents, available only at the CBLDF party:
  • Disrespect for Authority: Gleaming black leather with blonde tobacco, copal and smoked vanilla.
  • Sordid and Unpleasant Activities: White cedar and bourbon vetiver with poplar, smoked cumin, oak-barrel whiskey and a dribble of spiced rum absolute.
  • Criminal Glamour: Black patchouli and leather, wet with styrax and black amber and smoothed by velvet oudh and black currant.

If I learned one thing today from the reaction to the Thursday programming, it's this: attendees are feverish for Mr. Robot. That was the panel I heard mentioned above all others. We'll see if people are just as excited for Syfy panels The Magicians and The Expanse; I'm guessing not quite as much.

Tomorrow we'll have Friday programming. We already know the afternoon is difficult, with iZombie, Orphan Black and Archer forcing you to make hard choices. And that's after giving up Hall H and seeing Game of Thrones at Conan. So many sacrifices!


  1. I heard about this 3rd party email situation and updated my settings last Friday. Apparently not soon enough. No email from CCI. sadness. Maybe by year three I'll know all the ins and outs of this whole business. (Probably not).

    1. I don't think anyone knows all the ins and outs. But in this case, it was a subtle thing - I think a lot of people found out for the first time.

  2. My husband got burned on the 3rd party email thing (missing out on Conan tickets) last year, so he opted into everything this year. You only find out if it happens to you, unfortunately.