The SDCC Daily

3 JULY 2016

So what have we learned over this holiday weekend?

The SDCC Events Guide cover is a beautiful tribute to Star Trek and Spock.

Another Comic-Con contest from NBC San Diego is afoot. I feel like there weren't as many of the big showy contests earlier this year, and now we're having a ton of radio station contests & the like. Free trip to Comic-Con either way.

This SDCC exclusive of Aquaman and Cthulhu is just begging for an underwater buddy cop series to accompany it.

The Black Girl Nerds of Color meetup is happening at the Hilton Bayfront Friday night. RSVP here.

Hasbro dazzled everyone with this Kylo Ren  (available at Star Wars celebration in London) and very cool melted Vader helmet, as well as this Obi-Wan with glowing Leia hologram. How much do we all want these? Quite a lot.

We got a look at new concept art for the Justice League. 

Bandai showed off Chogokin Voltron.

Action Lab Entertainment is bringing a smorgasbord of creators and exclusives and signings to the Con.

CCI's David Glanzer gave an interview to Forbes on San Diego Comic-Con, growth, money, their economic impact on San Diego and why the Con is so damned popular.

This Thursday night Fandom party is free.

Chris Hardwick's podcast and stand-up events at SDCC are not.

And on that note, I'll close with two questions that I keep getting asked:
  • Where are all the parties - the big branded ones that are usually talked up by everyone in these final weeks?
  • What will the WB bags look like?

My answer is to both: I don't know. I do think there are fewer events this year (granted, there's still plenty to choose from) and that suggests that companies are concluding the same thing many studios and creatives already have: marketing at SDCC doesn't always bring in justifiable ROI. My nightlife plans for this year's Con are pretty much dinner, drinks and hanging with friends/colleagues, and most people I know are shooting for the same.

As for the bags, we'll find out soon enough. First-timers, we are referring to huge and very durable bags that will be handed out to you on arrival. Each will have a certain design (usually a TV show) and while some people don't care which bag they get, most of us do - to the extent that there is plenty of trading that goes on. Right now you might be thinking, "All this fuss over a bag?" But they're great for carrying your purchases in and you will see plenty of stuffed ones being carried out by bellhops and loaded into cars on the last day of the Con. (They're also great for moving or donating to shelters so you may hang onto yours even after you get home.)

I know everyone's itching for Conan tickets and Nerd HQ news. I'm thinking Nerd HQ has got to come out with their Conversations schedule this week, no later. As always, pay close attention.


  1. I'm sad that Princess Gail and I won't be attending the SDCC this year. After the great time we had the past two years, I am really missing it. But I will live it vicariously through your blog. Thanks, Valerie! :-)