Do you still need a hotel for SDCC?

10 JULY 2016

Even at this late date, I know some of you are still looking for hotels. Maybe you have too many people crammed in 1 room or maybe you got Wednesday Conan tickets and now you're thinking about arriving on Tuesday to line up brightly and early Weds for your wristband. Or maybe you're just stuck in another galaxy and would like to cancel some of those nights to spend at a better hotel.

If that's you, start trying the downtown hotels you were shut out of before. Keep trying all week. (You'll have to call them directly instead of going through OnPeak.) There are good hotels available so go for the gold and see what you can get. A friend got a Hilton Bayfront room for Saturday night during the Con, someone else got the Hyatt at a really cheap rate, and some other friends booked the Marriott Gaslamp for several nights.

People will begin to add and subtract hotel rooms more than you'd think between now and the end of the Con. A lot of people cancel Saturday night and head home early; other people get pulled into something and can't arrive until Friday or Saturday so they cancel earlier nights.

This was a vicious year for hotel room arrangements - but the tide could turn in your favor yet. Good luck.

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