13 actions to take before Comic-Con

29 JUNE 2016

3 weeks from today this all gets very real. Are you ready?

To keep yourself from stressing out down the road, here are 13 things you can take care of now.

#1. Get your car serviced. If you have some kind of arduous Comic-Con road trip ahead of you, get your oil changed and A/C checked and tires rotated in the next 2 weeks. Because how grim would it be to spend the first day of the Con sitting in the California desert, waiting for an AAA tow truck.

#2. Sell stuff online and get paid for it. If you cleared out your display and storage space, but still haven't put your goods online, you can still do so and (probably) collect by SDCC.

#3. Find a roommate. Don't assume everyone is partnered up; ask around and you can still find people who need someone to share their hotel room.

#4. Get your money in order. Whether you're transferring funds between accounts or ensuring your credit cards have room for your final hotel bill, you may as well work your financial voodoo now and ensure you're covered.

#5. Book your salon appointments. Highlights, pedicures, tanning - whatever your vanity rituals are for SDCC, make sure you can be accommodated in the next 3 weeks.

#6. Cover yourself at work. Some bosses expect you to "call into just this one meeting" during Comic-Con or work on a report at night, which is like adding just one drop of cyanide to a milkshake. Figure out now who can cover you while you're out so you don't have to deal with work emergency calls, and do everything you can - like working next weekend - to get ahead of your workload if possible.

#7. Start walking. If you didn't hit your SDCC fitness goals, 3 weeks is still a decent time span to build up your stamina. Just walking every night after dinner will help.

#8. Order stuff online. If you need extra device batteries or special costume components, now is the time to order. I know, Amazon Prime can get it there in a jiffy - but as we get closer to lift-off, it's a safe bet more tasks will crowd your mind and you might forget. Just order now and add the gear to your SDCC stockpile.

#9. Get any prescriptions and health needs on track. Every time I travel with people, someone runs out of a medication. Every time. And it causes a group-wide panic attack and then a scramble to find a doctor or pharmacy. Make sure you'll have all the right meds and supplies at SDCC, including things like fresh contact lenses or a knee brace, or you might lose an entire day to hunting them down.

#10. Break in your Comic-Con shoes. Maybe you already have comfortable shoes that are strong and supportive and broken-in. If not, get some now and start wearing them now so they feel like heaven by mid July. Buying a brand-new pair the day before the Con is just begging for blisters.

#11. Test-drive your cosplay. Don't just try it on. Take pictures of yourself from all angles in it, walk around in it, imagine you're spending hours in a crowd in it. Any discomfort you feel now will be magnified x37 at SDCC, so don't vow to just power through. You still have time to make adjustments or find something else.

#12. Contact your friends. By now you may have a solid idea of which nights are better for you than others. It's probably too soon to get anyone to commit but at least float a few possibilities and get people thinking about it. If you wait until you're at the Con, everyone's schedule will book up.

#13. Get your networking and marketing materials ready. Whether you're printing new business cards, buying a special campaign domain or compiling samples for Portfolio Review, don't leave this to the last minute or your work will look amateur. Get everything printed, published and polished now.

When the clock is ticking down the final days, you'll want to luxuriate in your Comic-Con anticipation - not exhaust yourself taking care of a few dozen preparations. Wrap up the basics now and you'll be able to focus on Con stuff later.

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