Syfy Presents: Live from Comic-Con

2 MAY 2016

Ready to start planning your Comic-Con nights? Here's something that will be a top option for many of you.

SyFy Presents: Live from Comic-Con will be live (duh) from the Marriott Marquis on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings of the Con. 5 pm, to be precise. This show will "bring the fans all they could ask for when it comes to the news, the stars and all the fun of Comic-Con" like celebrity interviews, movie footage, party coverage, etc. (And hopefully some amazing swag.) There will also be audience interaction.

This isn't the only SDCC programming they'll offer, by the way.  If you didn't get a badge, yet continue to monitor this blog out of a masochistic desire to read about what you're missing, you'll want to tune into SyFy 17-24 July for their "7 Days of Comic-Con" specials. They sound like they're dedicating effort to creating original content, so hopefully their coverage will be a cut above the usual reels of waving celebrities, whimsical cosplayers and screaming audiences. Personally I want to see a creature feature set at SDCC, maybe involving a bloodthirsty plesiosaurus that comes out of the bay and eats the Hall H line.

Back to Live. Tickets are FREE for attendees. The details will be announced soon - and if you've lived through any of kind of SDCC event sale before, you know that tickets to anything cool (Conan O'Brien, Nerd HQ) will be gone faster than you can say, "Wait, I wanted to go to that." So stay on top of this.

If you're wondering how to balance this with your planned Conan show, I don't think you'll be able to do both on the same day, based on how long my Conan taping ran last summer. Probably the best you can do is to grab what tickets you can and then make some hard decisions if you have to.  You can also target Conan's Wednesday show - but I'll warn you that a lot of people are doing that this year so they don't have to miss any actual SDCC panels.

Oh, and first-timers - this is probably a good time to say that you can't bide your time on event options, waiting to see if something better comes along. Tickets go fast for almost everything. You probably assumed that already but I'm throwing it out there for you indecisive types.

Stay tuned!

ETA: No, I don't have a timeframe for tickets going live, other than "soon" according to the producer. I know those of you who missed out on the Team Coco/Conan ticket blitz last year are probably vowing to be vigilant about Conan and SyFy this year, which is smart. I'll post as soon as I know.

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