Change your badge shipping address by 9 May

30 APRIL 2016

Happy May Day. Did you get your email from CCI, asking you to confirm or change your shipping address? If you bought a badge for anyone, you should have.

At first I thought, "How responsible and forward-thinking of CCI, doing this so far in advance." Then I realized that badges will go out a few weeks before the Con, which means they'll ship out about (very roughly) 2 months from now. So yes, they are on track.

If for some reason you've had a domicile upheaval in your life, and have no idea where you'll be picking up your mail this summer, you have just over a week to find a settled-down person who will let you list their address and graciously receive these on your behalf. Don't gamble on this; it is your physical, glorious Comic-Con badge we're talking about.

If you didn't get an email and you think you should have, give CCI a jingle. Please check over all the names listed, too. Two people I bought for were omitted from my email and while I'm sure it'll get sorted out, it's still something to stay on top of. (And of course, because it's all part of the Comic-Con experience, when I emailed CCI, I got a response telling me that the hotel sale would be held April 5.)

As of tomorrow, I will officially launch SDCC season here and start posting more tips on preparing for you starry-eyed first-timers. I know some of you still don't have hotel rooms and are waiting for reservations to open back up; plenty of attendees have unfinished business for sure. Try not to worry, because chances are it'll all get worked out. Overall, if you have a badge for San Diego Comic-Con, it's time to get excited.

ETA: To clarify, when I say "bought," that applies in the literal sense. It doesn't necessarily mean the person who helmed the laptop and entered in the actual information, or the person whose code got them into the session. For instance, even though I wasn't involved in one particular registration session, the person used my credit card and official address, etc, so I bought the badges. I am the one who got the email asking me to confirm my shipping address and I am the one who will receive the badges in the mail.

I know that many of us make Byzantine arrangements during badge sales, so I wanted to clarify that. It's entirely possible that your sister's code got picked, you monitored the session and inputted the information, and your best friend's credit card paid for it all. Your best friend will get the badges.


  1. if only all the other conventions & expos would send the badges straight to our homes... life would be better ;)

    1. If Comic-Con wishes were horses, we'd have a stampede.