SDCC hotel deposit deadline extended to 14 April

12 APRIL 2016

As those of us who got a hotel last week know, we were supposed to pay the 2 night deposit this past weekend. Leaving aside the question of picking a date when On Peak is closed, it sparked a bit of a scramble for people trying to trade reservations - which gets more complicated after the deposit is paid.

The deadline is now 14 April - 11:59 pm PT. So it's kind of good that people can still keep working their connections (or pleading for help); on the other hand, there don't seem to be many rooms to trade, and there's a definite sense that the "good" rooms up for grabs were allocated immediately.

Which brings us to this reality: hotel reservations won't open back up until after the deposit deadline passes and On Peak knows for sure what's still available. So those of you who are waiting for that day are probably feeling the delay right in your nerves.

I've already let go of my luxurious 5-star room at Town & Country; rest assured that other people who booked safety rooms and then got airport/Hotel Circle/ Mission Valley rooms in the sale are doing the same. If you're utterly homeless right now, I think you will find some rooms when reservations reopen. They probably won't be great but you can put a roof over your head. So don't give in to your despair just yet.

One thing you can do right now: pair up with other homeless nerds. Again, I know this isn't anyone's dream stay at Comic-Con but if you can find someone right now who also needs a room (and seems civilized and clean) you can afford a better room together or just save money. I know of 2 couples who just paired up so they could afford a room at the Marriott Marquis. Given how little time we spend in our rooms, this really isn't the worst thing. And if you're headed to SDCC alone, it provides you with an automatic pal.

Stay tuned.

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