Emerald City sold out. What a weird ticket sale.

1 APRIL 2016

So Emerald City has finally sold out. Those final Thursday tickets that just kept lingering and lingering for eons long after every other day had sold out, finally got bought.

Here's why that's interesting, if you're not already yawning. ECCC has sold out faster and faster every year - for full badges. It took 5 months to sell out full badges for 2014, 7 weeks for 2015 and 50 minutes for 2016. (VIP badges lingered a bit longer but were still gone by nightfall.)  3-day badges were gone the following day and Saturday within a month.

So obviously there was high interest here, yet Thursday - the first ever Thursday - didn't entice. Was it because it was a half day? Or focused mainly on comics? Or people didn't want to bother taking another day off from work? Hard to say.

At any rate, Craigslist and StubHub are rife with ECCC tickets, so anyone can still go - at a marked-up price. But officially, yes, Emerald City Comicon is sold out.

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